Dear fellow multi-national citizens,

Brühl has 46,000 inhabitants. 12 per cent of these have a foreign passport. Many of these have been living in Brühl for already a long time while others have only been here for a short period. Some set up groups and businesses and contribute to the cultural and economic diversity of the town.
Mayor Dieter Freytag
Mayor Dieter Freytag

For better orientation and to help you get your bearings in our city, I decided to publish an Integration Atlas for you, which is meant to serve as your companion and guide to the various items the City of Brühl has to offer you. In this atlas you'll find initiatives and clubs, counselling centres, religious institutions and public authorities with addresses and contact information listed under the various subject headings.

You are holding the first edition of the City of Brühl's Integration Atlas in your hand. The atlas does not claim to be exhaustive. I look forward to hearing about any new insights you might have gained about Brühl or about any fundamental changes. Have fun thumbing through and discovering the information that's important to you.

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Integrationsbeauftragte der Stadt Brühl

Frau Kilian
Auguste-Viktoria-Straße 1-19
50321 Brühl
Telefon: 02232 1505293
Fax: 02232 1505299


Chancen durch Integration - Ratgeber für Familien (deutsch / russisch)
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Chancen durch Integration - Ratgeber für Familien (deutsch/türkisch) Uyum ile gelen firsatlar Ailelere rehber bilgiler
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